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OnlineRME has expanded its capabilities by adding the capabilities to report and track FOG Cleaning Services. If your municipality is developing a new FOG compliance program, or has been operating for years, OnlineRME's tools are comprehensive and easy to use.

OnlineRME FOG...

  • Lets FOG Service Providers upload data from inspections.
  • Serves that data to regulators, shows deficiencies, and trends.
  • Provides business management tools for all account types.
  • Keeps private business information private. See our Privacy Policy.
  • Ensures historical data is always available. Never deleted - ever - no matter what!
  • Funded by nominal reporting fees. See our Fee Schedule.

Client Testimonial

We're currently tracking over 31,000 onsite sewage systems with only four people. I tell other regulators, 'OnlineRME is the best business decision we've ever made.' Everything is online, so we're more efficient. We get better reports and we identify critical deficiencies within three days, so we're protecting public health. And it's sustainable, less paper, fewer files - we're saving trees!

Tom Gonzales ~ Clark County Public Health
Core features of OnlineRME ~ FOG
Data is upload from inspections

Inspections are based upon specific site characteristics. There are no flat reports so the reported data is meaningful.

Serves Data to Regulators

Shows deficiencies, and allows generation of enforcement letters.

Self-funding model

OnlineRME is intended to be used by regulators at no cost. The services are covered by a small fee associated to the submittal of service reports paid by the service professionals. Regulatory entities may also collect a fee associated with reporting or contracts to fund their programs.

Business management tools for...

Service professionals, system manufacturers, lenders and corporate facility managers.

Keeps private information private

When a small business is submitting information to a government entity a lot of the information is public. When it comes to personal business information (such as customer lists) OnlineRME keeps that information private to the service professional. See our privacy policy for more information.

Historical Data

Your historical data is always available. Never deleted - ever - no matter what!

OnlineRME Workflow Process

OnlineRME is a system which both small and large agencies may use. The following workflow process is just a brief overview of how the system works.

Service Completed

Service provider completes the necessary field work.

Work Submitted

The service work is reported into OnlineRME by the service professional.

Entity Reviews

Service reports are available for review by the regulatory entity. Reports are prioritized based upon regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Response

OnlineRME allows the regulatory entity to respond to the most critical deficiencies first.

Data Integration

    OnlineRME's database experts will work with your IT department to determine the best method of integrating data.

    There are four methods of integration:

  • No interaction: OnlineRME can be used as a completely stand-alone reporting tool with no electronic interaction or communication with any other databases. Service providers enter reports into OnlineRME, and your personnel review the reports and act on them. You can export your data anytime you desire so that you can retain backups.

  • Indirect interaction via export/import: If your database is not accessible to the Web because of lack of resources or security concerns, you may use the vast number of OnlineRME exports, which can then be imported into your database.

  • Web-services: Web services may be utilized to interact between various data systems.

  • Remote server interaction: OnlineRME maintains a remote server to enable data uploads and downloads of property and report data. If you are interested in maintaining the key data from submitted reports on your server, we will provide the ability to download that data. Most management entities have this process automated to download report data each evening.

What People Say

Fee Collecting Service

    OnlineRME services are funded by nominal recording fees that service providers pay for the reports they enter into the system. In addition, regulatory agencies can use OnlineRME to collect their own reporting, contract, or operational permit fees.

    These fees can be collected monthly via OnlineRME's automated process or by means of a manually queried report, which shows all activities that have not been billed for. in jurisdictions that use manual billing, OnlineRME still assesses its own report fee, and service providers still pay for it online, using a credit card.